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Damask Woven Labels for Clothing

February 25,2019.

Damask label is a high-end clothing woven label that is known for its fine details. Soft felt surface, silk feeling, damask is considered as a standard clothing label that uses 50, 80, 100 or 150 denier polyester yarns.

Woven labels are the top choices when it comes to identification materials for garments. There are three main categories of labels which you can use for your garment identification.

* Damask woven labels 

* Satin woven labels 

* Taffeta woven labels

Damask is the most popular among the 3 types of labels and is classified of better quality than taffeta and satin woven labels. However, Damask labels may not necessarily be the best option for all garment types. For instance, it may not be appropriate to use this high-end labels in infant or baby garments as the satin labels are the preferred material because of their soft texture and distinctive impression.

Most customers choose damask garment labels primarily for its superior strength and capacity to integrate fine details in the weaving. Unlike taffeta and satin labels, the weaving compression ratio of damask is high, and this translates to more threads being weaved per unit area. In most cases, damask labels are weaved using polyester yarns of 50, 80 and 100 denier, while satin and taffeta woven labels normally use 150 denier polyester yarns.

Damask can be compared to a High-Definition TV as it can present in fine detail letters and symbols in bright colors. The only downside of this high-end garment label is its price as it is the most expensive among the 3 types.

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